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Bioscan for your Fundraising

Are you devoting your time with sausage sizzles and raffles only to make a few dollars?
Want to be more efficient, and get best value for your time?
Looking for something healthy rather than sausages and chocolate bars?
We love our community and would love to help!
This is a perfect way for your fundraising to reach new heights!
We provide a top quality service but also minimum time and effort for maximum result.  Each person actually comes away with something worthwhile for their money.
This is also a great way for family to become involved in not only the fundraising, but monitoring their health and fitness as well.
We can come to your school, sportsclub, or home base and run a "Bioscan night".  Simply gather names and appointment times and get as many people who want to support you there.  The good thing with this is you can actually have family and friends come and not feel "obligated" to buy, as this is genuinely going to assist them regardless of their goals.
The scan only takes a minute with approximately 5 minutes per person to discuss the results.  Anyone who is on a weight loss journey, want to be fit and healthy or put on muscle. That almost covers everyone, right?
Fundraising with repeat custom?!?
Depending on the window you have for fundraising, we can hold two "Bioscan nights" where people come back and get another one!  This is normally at the four week mark, to see how they are going on their journey.
Want an excellent result for your fundraising efforts?  Contact us!


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