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Bioscan for your Workplace

Thinking of running a "Biggest Loser" or eight / twelve-week challenge?
Are you interested in corporate wellness for your workplace?
Will everyone be involved? Could this exclude some team members?
Not everyone is on a weight loss journey; some people want to be fit and healthy or actually put on muscle.
With the Bioscan as your "referee", everyone can participate.
This improves workplace morale and also enables those that are already fit and healthy to participate.
This is often an overlooked area which is vitally important for success. Those that are "fit and healthy" often have much to give and actually want to assist others. They can be an additional resource/motivator to help the rest of your team, rather than being excluded simply because they don't have to "lose weight."
How does it all work?
Initially, we offer a seminar to provide your team with some knowledge about what Bioscan does and how it can help them.
We then scan your staff on the Bioscan at the start of your competition. The scan only takes one minute using scientifically accurate and patented technology to produce the results.  It is a noninvasive procedure so suits everyone.  Staff and organiser(s) receive a print out of the result, to compare against the team member's next scan.  We will explain the results individually, so it's completely confidential.
We also have the functionality to monitor the team results through the Bioscan software on our laptop which enables your workplace to have the collective data which is powerful for reporting.


The best way is initial scan, four-week scan to keep them on track, then eight-week completion.


With different staff having different goals, how is the challenge judged?


Bioscan has a "fitness score". The Fitness Score takes into consideration a person's age, height and their muscle and fat ratios to calculate the result. This is useful for competitions, as the winner can be based on the person with the best "Change" in the fitness score and perhaps the best overall fitness score.  At the end of the day, they are all winners for wanting to make a change.


How will this help my business?


There have been numerous studies proving a healthy workplace is a more productive workplace. The following is taken from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website.
"More substantial links between the implementation of health and safety programmes and their beneficial impact on a business's productivity and profits are emerging, both directly (such as reduced sick pay and compensation claims) and indirectly (for example, reduced absenteeism, improved corporate reputation and reduced staff churn).  One study of workstation changes demonstrated a 1,000 percent productivity increase within less than three months, for the cost of $5000." (Webb, 1989)
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