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Bioscan for your gym and PT's



Want membership retention?
Want the best for your clients enabling them to achieve their goals?
Want the edge on the competition?
Proven fact: Clients / Members who are achieving their goals continue to use your services.
Using the latest technology, we can help you keep it that way.
This scan only takes one minute, uses scientifically accurate and patented technology.  It is nonivasive and your clients / members receive a print out of the result.  This is used as a "blueprint" for the next scan, where the results can be gauged and adjustments made where necessary.
No more guess work with the scales, no more time consuming inaccurate pinch tests.  This is simply the best tool you can use to fast track your members and clients results.
Q: But won't this take business away from us or our PT's?
A: NO.  Ask yourself, how many skinfold / pinch tests have you performed recently on members who weren't actual clients?  Many?
Now, how many members would benefit from gauging their results who would NEVER want a skinfold done?  e.g. overweight clients, most ladies, quiet types?
Realistically, no one likes  getting a skinfold test done, they only do it for the results and getting them to that point is harder than any selling by a PT.  With Bioscan, this opens new doors for your PT's.
As PT's, we already know the value in what we do.  There is no doubt we can get clients results quicker.  Now we have otherwise "non clients" now needing changes to their training if their results aren't what they wanted, and we see those people in the gym not changing.
Simply, the Bioscan is MORE ACCURATE, NONINVASIVE and takes only one minute!  Wouldn't you want to offer that to a member or client?
We WILL upsell your PT / Gym services:
  • New nutrition plan based off accurate fat free mass from the Bioscan
  • New training programs to enhance results
  • More PT sessions and other "upselling" if they aren't achieving their results.
Our experience from 1000's of scans?


Members who aren't "potential clients" (e.g. "Know it all") ask for assistance if they see they aren't getting the results they want / from the training and nutrition they are doing.


With the scientific backing of the Bioscan, we will work in with Personal Trainers to get extra work for them, without them needing to do a thing!





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