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Natural Bodybuilding Training

Whatever “good advice” you may get elsewhere, there is no substitute for your own personal trainer.
Everyone has seen “that guy” in the gym shifting weight like he’s Arnold but still looks like Poindexter. We get show how to tie our shoe laces early in life which empowers us to do it right, and practise makes perfect. If you are shown how to do things with your diet and training right, that wil save you so much time and effort.  People are after shortcuts, of which in bodybuilding there are few.  However, if you choose the right personal trainer, your results will be accelerated because you will be doing things correctly.  Bodybuilding is a marathon, not a sprint.  We all know someone who has no trainer and relies on what they have learned elsewhere or on the views of some of their friends.  "Elsewhere" guidance is more often untrustworthy, yet we base our body, mind and health on this information.  Even the best intentioned friend may be limited in his knowledge of diet, cardiovascular exercise and weight training.  Their limitations may be the cause of injury in training and probably will be a reason for lack of good progress toward your goal.
An experienced trainer, your own personal trainer, is a necessity.  There is no substitute for having an experienced qualified trainer to guide a bodybuilder’s physique development.  I strongly urge bodybuilders, whether beginners or advanced, to make room in their budgets for the expense of an experienced trainer.  The price of a trainer’s service can be high, but remember that you are obtaining a specialist whom you require to direct you toward your goals.  A specialist in the field of bodybuilding is as important in your life as a bodybuilder as is a specialist in the field of medicine for your medical well-being.  Such a specialist, to use words from Scriptures, “is worthy of his hire”.
Your trainer not only sets the path toward physique development, but also is insurance against the many injuries which can occur in doing uninstructed exercises. The qualified trainer is also schooled in nutrition and can ensure that you are given a diet which meets the specific bodily requirements of the sport.  Like the lawyer who takes his own case to court, the bodybuilder who is his own trainer has a fool for a client.
A trainer’s objective view is more to be trusted than our own subjective view of ourselves. There will be days where you will be thinking of what improvements you must make before your next contest and can’t see what progress you have made and can become discouraged. There are other days when you will have a really good workout and this translates into over-confidence. Neither attitude is profitable in your path toward the next goal.  At this point, the Bioscan can help.
If you've stuck to reading this "novel" it this far, as your trainer, I will see you objectively and from my experience as both a bodybuilder and my time as a qualified NABBA NZ Judge, can level out the discouragement or over-confidence so that your stance is corrected. I will adjust your training to meet your real bodybuilding needs without the erroneous input from external sources.
A trainer is one who knows which specific weight exercises will develop each of the muscle groups. He knows how often those exercises are best done by you and with what intensity.
Bodybuilding is more than shifting weight. It requires that we faithfully follow a strict diet and cardiovascular exercises tailored to your own individual needs.  This knowledge is developed with the "Perfect Peaking" program of fortnightly Bioscans.
This is one of the indispensable values of having me as your trainer. We will get to know you and what specific needs you have.  If you plan on entering a bodybuilding competition, and from all I have written in this and my other articles, you know I encourage you to do so, that plan makes your need for a competitive bodybuilder as your trainer more urgent.
So often throughout my bodybuilding career and also as a Judge, I have seen bodybuilders on stage who have not had the training and guidance of a trainer who knows what is necessary and what judges look for in the athletes on stage.  They do not have the required leanness to show their muscular definition and symmetry.  Some look bewildered, frightened, on stage since they are not schooled in the proper poses.  In preparation for contest entry, I can guide you to look your best, showing off the results of your months and months of preparation.
I would be a hypocrite to be saying all this if I wasn’t to also see the value in a trainer. I also have a trainer in New Zealand, whom has been a Mr New Zealand several times and his point of difference just like mine is he is natural.
Contact me now to book in and talk about your next contest preparations.


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