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I had struggled with my weight since having my first child in 2000. I was like Oprah my weight was up and down.


I had tried every diet, even to the point of starvation sometimes.  Nothing would stick.  I even had prescription drugs to aide in weight loss. But I always put it back on.


Emotionally I was possibly at one of my lowest points, although other aspects of my life where great.  I was unhappy with my appearance and was at the heaviest I had ever been.  I hated going out and would make excuses to not attend. As “nothing” ever fitted and I always looked “fat.” I hid my emotional low well from my friends with my “bubbly” personality, however my husband bore the brunt of my anguish.


The turning point came a day at work when a Snap Fitness representative visited my work place rallying for new members.  After debating the idea for several days I made my way to the gym to sign up. It was January 31st 2013.


At that time I booked my first session with Grego. I still have the business card, “Friday February 8th at 7am”


I remember the morning well, there I was in my new gym gear, nervous and sick with worry that everyone there would look at laugh at the “fat girl” at the gym.


I sat down with Grego and he asked me my goals and how much it meant to me to achieve these goals. My answer was “This is my last chance and it means everything to me” To me it felt like this was it, if it didn’t work I would be stuck in a body I wasn’t happy with forever.


Grego provided me with some tips on eating and my first program.  His enthusiasm was contagious.


To start with it was an effort I struggled even walking on the treadmill at a speed of 5 for 10 minutes.  However my fitness soon grew.  Finding that balance was important to me.  I am a mum and I work full time.  I did not want to miss out on time with my family.  So I trained in the mornings before work to make sure I didn’t miss out.


Now I knew that I would have to give up a “few things” as I embarked upon this journey.  However everyone that knows me, knows that I enjoy a few wines. So I was going to make sure that I could balance this in and reserve my wine as treats.


By the end of April I had lost 15kg. At which time we had a family trip to Australia where I wore togs for the first time since I was a child.  The next month was more challenging the scales had slowed down and barely moving. In my head I was thinking “here we go again its stopped working!”


After chatting to Grego he convinced me to have a Bioscan.


I remember his words “How do you know it’s not working, if you don’t know where you began, weight is just one measurement” Again my nervousness sunk in.  I was going to show someone my weight, something I had kept hidden, something my husband didn’t even know!  My scan date was set 4 June 2013.  The scan took 2 minutes and there it was in “black and white, what I was made of!”  My nervousness was uncalled for, as it showed I didn’t need to loose as much fat as I thought and that I actually carried a bit of muscle.  I’m a numbers girl and seeing it so clearly helped me re focus and carry on with now with clearer goals.


Over the following months I pushed myself hard, motivated by the results of my scans and ongoing support and advice from Grego.


My friends and family started seeing the results from my hard work, which encouraged me along.


On the 16 November 2013 I had my 4th scan.  I had lost 17.6kg of Fat since my first scan in June. I only had 2.9kg to go!


With the victory line in sight and my confidence at a high I pushed on.  Over the next few months I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Had I hit that plateu?  I was frustrated as I was so close.  I knew on the scales that I had lost about 2 kgs, which wasn’t enough to get me to that zero which was my goal.  I had another scan on 22 January 2014.


“Guess what?” says Greg. I had lost 3 kg of fat!!! Yes the scales had only moved by 2.1kg but I had put on muscle!! My fat control measure read 0.00 kg!! Emotions ran high. I had done it!! In a little under a year I had 0.00kg to loose and had lost a 36kg in total.


Since that date I have lost a further 2kgs and have continued attending the gym.  I love the energy you get from starting your day this way.  My husband now joins me as well. I can now shop for clothes with ease and always have something that fits.  Yes I still have a few wines!!  People ask ”what’s kept you going?” Firstly YOU have to want it!  Determination is the key to results.  I was lucky to have a supportive husband who loved me even when I was bigger, who encouraged me and supported me on my journey.


Grego was amazing. He helped with programs, food, motivation and shared in my success’s.


The Bioscan. These scan’s where gold and empowered me to push on.


Snap fitness Napier. The positive team. The friends that I have made and their encouragement to keep going hard. I have shared my story to maybe inspire others to make a change. To make their dreams a reality.

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