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I had a great inspiration from Grego throughout my 3 month transformation.  He helped me with my training and nutrition. Tapping into to his knowledge was a great way to fast track my progress.  

Grego also tweaked things when required through use of the Bioscan.  What an awesome tool that is!  I knew if I was overdoing it!  I have also learnt more about my body, what I can and can't do, and how to control things and not overindulge like before. 


I still love a few beers with the boys after a footy game so keeping track on the Bioscan is very important.



 Five months ago I was ready to quit the gym. Quit on myself and accept the fact that I could never shift the fat.

I am very fortunate that I didn't. Greg Mawson and the Bioscan gave me the motivation to step back into the gym and clean my eating habits up. No more late night maccas runs or eating chocolate in private.

Choosing to eat sensibly and exercise regularly has made me such an incredibly happier person.
I started at 80kg in April and I can proudly say I'm a happier healthier Pip at 66kg.

I continue to get Bioscans done to keep an eye on my results.  This has been a huge part of my journey



Grego was amazing. He helped with programs, food, motivation and shared in my successes.

 The Bioscan. These scan’s where gold and empowered me to push on.

Getitsorted Health and Fitness. The positive team. The friends that I have made and their encouragement to keep going hard. I have shared my story to maybe inspire others to make a change. To make their dreams a reality.

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