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Bioscan for your Sports club and players.

From Athletics to Martial Arts, from Football to Rugby
Want your athletes to be at their peak performance?
Want optimal size, strength and health from your team?
Want the edge on the competition?
Using the latest technology, we can help you achieve all this!

The Bioscan only takes one minute and uses scientifically accurate and patented technology.  It is a noninvasive procedure.


As a coach, you want peak performance and accountability from your team.  Team members receive a print out of the result and you can retain a copy of to ensure they are staying on track.  This important with ongoing performance in and off season.  This ensures they are keeping up there game.


No more guess work with the scales, no more time consuming inaccurate skinfold tests  This is simply the best tool to ensure your players are staying in top condition both on and off season.


If you have the services of a nutritionist for your teams, this will aid them in ensuring each player gets the appropriate nutrition for optimal performance based on the Fat Free Mass the Bioscan accurately provides.


This is MORE ACCURATE than a skinfold / pinch test.  Wouldn't you want to offer the best for your team at minimal time and cost?


With the scientific backing of the Bioscan, we can work with your Coaches, Trainers and nutritionists to ensure peak performance out of all your athletes.  For more information, download the PDF on the sidebar



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