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Corporate and Group Training

Getitsorted Health and Fitness offers Group training packages tailored to your business. We have a myriad of ideas to keep your group motivated and activate their brains. From boxing drills to problem solving.
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What are the benefits of group training?
Whether that be staff or friends, good group training has great potential for the following reasons:
  • Staff are encouraged to become active rather than passive learners by developing collaborative and co-operative skills, and life long learning skills.
  • It encourages the development of critical thinking skills not only as individuals, but also as a team.
  • It requires the establishment of an environment of support, trust and co-operative learning can be nurtured.
  • It promotes staff learning and achievement.
  • Staff have the opportunity to learn from and to teach each other.
  • Deep rather than surface approaches to learning are encouraged.
  • It facilitates greater transfer of previous knowledge and learning.
  • Staff are involved in their own learning.
  • It enhances social skills and interactions.
  • Learning outcomes are improved.
  • Large numbers of Staff can be catered for and work on task simultaneously.
  • Interaction and co-operation on a micro scale is facilitated thus decreasing a sense of isolation felt by some.
  • Quiet Staff have an opportunity to participate, speak and be heard in small groups thus overcoming the anonymity and passivity associated with large groups.
  • Teaching, learning and assessment options are increased.
  • Teaching effectiveness and efficiency increases, and as a result there isincreased enjoyment of teaching by Management (and Staff).
  • Staff get the chance to work on large projects (larger in scope or complexity than individual tasks).
  • Staff from diverse backgrounds are provided with the opportunity to be heard, share experiences and skills, and to participate in unique ways (may provide a new perspective).
  • It can save time and requires a shared workload.
  • Alternative ideas and points of view can be generated.
  • It provides a structured learning experience that can prepare Staff for therealities and diversity of the workplace, working with people with different skills, cultures, approaches and from different places.
  • Staff develop and practice skills in: decision making, problem solving, values clarification, communication, critical thinking, negotiation, conflict resolution, and teamwork.
  • The opportunity exists to nurture and develop Staff attributes.
  • It makes the day challenging, interesting, motivating, engaging, and fun for everyone, moreover improves team rapport!


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