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Personal Training

"With over 20 years experience and a combined skill set of Natural Bodybuilding, fat loss, supplementation, nutrition, Professional Chef training, massage and other life knowledge, I can assist you in reaching your goals the natural way. And with the Bioscan, not only will we prove it, I will guarantee it!"
Greg "Grego" Mawson.  
Body Composition Analyser Specialist
Body Transformation Specialist
Guarantee -  If we can’t make a positive difference in any way you will get your money back!*
Using our Bioscan technology, you will get the results you want, fast tracked, guaranteed with the "MED" principle.  
MED?  Minimum, effective dose.
Who wants to spend hours in the gym if you don't have to?  And often when you really get into your training, how much is too much!?
NO MORE GUESSWORK!  We have the scientific backing of our Patented Bioscan for results based training.  If we aren't achieving the results you want, we change the plan so you do.
Why body transformation and not weight loss?  You will not get results like “The Biggest Loser” through Getitsorted Health and Fitness.
Our aim is to provide you with the tools to achieve your goals, this includes adding metabolism enhancing muscle as well as burning stubborn fat, not “outright weight loss”.
Weight loss isn’t a healthy goal as it doesn’t measure muscle gain or sustainability.  Most people want to tone up and lose fat – through empowering you together with our proven experience, advanced results tracking with the Bioscan, we have no problem in the knowledge we can get you there, and stand behind our guarantee.
* When receiving personal training and following one of our nutrition plans with monthly Bioscans.  We know you will get the results if you do!
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