Grego's own 3 month journey! (circa 2005)


Kim: I would love to be letting all know that my training intensity has increased tenfold thanks to your support, I am sore in the upper body ALL OVER! Bring on Legs tomorrow :-)




Rosie:  “Everyone at work is noticing my weight loss and I am just thrilled.  I have had to buy a belt to go on my work pants and I have bought smaller size pants to fit into but still a little tight around my tummy but will work on that next week, but I am so thrilled.  Couldn’t have done it without your input….thank you!


I feel so fit and energetic, it is amazing. I can actually run around the ward without getting puffed and the three flights of stairs is nothing now. Four flights next week….maybe…see how I go there…and my knee is holding up well, I sometimes forget that I have an injury there….terrific.  Thanks for being a great PT and yes we will continue with you and maybe more as we get closer to our Marathon next year.  I hope you are getting more clients, if you need a reference please send them to us we have no hesitation in recommending you to them.”


Ange: hi i dont know if u remba me but im going 2 thank u for helping me…. ive been doing so well..  lost lots of weight ova a few years and become more healthy for me and my children im and greatful 4 that little time we shared, (it wasnt that much,we met only a few times) and u got me 2 respect my body a little more all i needed was some1 to encourge me … wish u all the best.




Paul:  I had a great inspiration from Grego throughout my 3 month transformation.  He helped me with my training and nutrition. Tapping into to his knowledge was a great way to fast track my progress.  Grego also tweaked things when required through use of the Bioscan.  What an awesome tool that is!  I knew if I was overdoing it!  I have also learnt more about my body, what I can and can't do, and how to control things and not overendulge like before.  I wtill love a few beers with the boys after a footy game so keeping track on the Bioscan is very important.



Maureen: I don’t know how to thank you Greg for helping me lose over 10kg during the past 6 months. I have been on and off every diet you can imagine all my life but it was never sustainable. I either had to purchase or make separate meals for my family or make my own and that never worked. Because of this, I was dubious you could help me at the start. However, you made me feel much better straight away by telling me I could do it, and constantly reinforcing the positive (how you do that amazes me!)


As you know, I am 64 years old and at my age it’s a case of “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but with your passion and especially your patience, I enjoyed the learning experience as well as finding it’s actually not that hard to eat healthy and keep active.  At my age I knew I needed to keep active but didn’t know how. You showed me many ways of doing this.  


Knowing you have had your own issues with weight when you were younger made it easier for me.  I was put off personal trainers by another experience where I felt I was being judged.  You made me feel like I was the most important person to you every time we trained.  I especially enjoyed our Chef nights in the kitchen. How you always manage to make a meal out of what I thought was nothing still amazes me!.


I now know what healthy fats are and ignore the advertising hype related to 99% fat free and other junk food that is meant to be good for you but isn’t.  I was very surprised about how bad Sushi is!  I could go on for an age about how better you have made me feel, but I know you would only tell me “It was all you Maureen”, but I would never have believed I could do it without you empowering me and believing in me too.  Thanks so much!




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